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Liz Cheney's Best Wanna-Be-Wyoman Tweets

Liz Cheney, the daughter of former veep Dick Cheney, is coming out into the political spotlight this week as she's announced be running for the Senate office of Wyoming Republican Michael Enzi. Enzi, a former fly fishing buddy of Cheney Sr. (likely a former buddy since Cheney decided to put his weight behind his daughter's new political career), is none too pleased, and neither are many Republicans in the state, and neither are the liberals in Teton County, where Liz bought a $1.9 million two-story log home in the millionaire haven of Wilson only last summer. Her dad got a lot of flack for claiming Wyoming residency during various parts of his political career even though he grew up in Casper, and Jackson's resident liberals did not take kindly to his retirement plans in the area, selling bright orange vests to protect against Cheney's errant hunting shots, dragging an effigy of the then-vice president to the ground outside his Teton Pines mansion Iraq-style, and posting up billboard-size Obama posters across the street when Barry won his election.

While daughter Liz has yet to be derided as a "war criminal" like her Dad, plenty of Wyomans have been throwing around the phrase "carpetbagger." It seems that running for office in a state in which your only local legs to stand on are your father's upbringing there and the trophy home you bought down the street from a ski area after moving from Virginia will get that kind of a reaction. Nonetheless, Liz has been marketing her newfound localism heavily through her Twitter account in between promotional Tweets for her appearances on Shaun Hannity and Greta Van Susteren's shows. She's been plenty busy promoting the state's coal industry, tradition of gun ownership, using the local snowfall to debunk those "myths" about global warming, and above all else, referring to Wyoming as "God's Country."

You tell 'em, Liz! 'MURICA!! I mean... 'YOMING!!

"God's country" mention + Jackson + cowgirl + horse = win. 'YOMING!!