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Ski Video From This Weekend In Las Leñas, Argentina!

A group of Spanish skiers - Adria Millan, Adria Perez de Rozas, Jordi Tenas, and Txema Trull - made the journey to Las Leñas, a resort high in the Andes Mountains on the border of Argentina and Chile, to satisfy their summer cravings for powder this last week. From the looks of it, it certainly seems like they found it, along with one freaked out jackrabbit. Skiing in South America can be super fickle, and sometimes Leñas can be looking bone dry right now, but it appears that this summer it ain't the case.

Have you ever gone summer skiing before? Hit us up on the tipline and let us know where you went, how it was, and what other Curbed Ski readers should know and do if they go there - we'll share it in a post. Thanks!

· Las Leñas