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For $19.5M, Own Howard Hughes' Former Lake Tahoe Estate

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Summertide, the 5.5-acre lake house property once owned by grade-A magnate/aviator/recluse Howard Hughes has recently been hoisted onto the market in Crystal Bay, Nev., for $19.5M. According to Curbed Ski, the Adirondack-style property, which sits nearish billionaire Larry Ellison's titanic spread and includes a 2,518-square-foot main house, 1,343-square-foot guest dwelling, and separate four-car garage, has only traded hands once since the Hughes estate presided over it; its current owner bought the place in '95 for just $3.5M. There's also a walk-down pier and buoy on the property, which Hughes bought in the '50s. From there, Hughes would zip over to the manse of fellow business bigwig George Whittell to "play cards and admire his elephant," or so Curbed Ski writes.

What's particularly cool about the property is that the place really hasn't been touched since Hughes owned it. The realtor, Karen Bruno, tells the Wall Street Journal: "It's an old original log cabin, it's not the big, brand new mansion that we often see in multimillion dollar properties ... The current owners kept the original charm while making it comfortable with their upgrades." Have a look, below.

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