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Come Picnic on the Fake Lawn at Skype's Palo Alto Offices

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Skype, the video calling service that basically brought The Jetsons into real life, boasts funky corporate offices like many other tech companies—that is, with lots of fake outdoor stuff to trick their employees into thinking they're at a national park and not, in fact, coding and fielding support calls. Indeed, it seems Skype's HQ in Palo Alto, Calif., even boasts the very same faux-boulder-and-lawn scheme found at Google's L.A. office. Lunch at your desk? Forget it. Picture this: you in a red adirondack chair, your Diet Coke balancing on a fake rock, the feel of fake grass underneath your Converse, your laptop hot on your lap, your easy gaze looking out onto the wide expanse of ergonomic chairs and warehouse lighting.

San Francisco-based architecture firm Design Blitz transformed the warehouse, carving out "concentric spaces for collaboration, concentration and contemplation," and adding in midcentury-style seating, light-up wall maps, foosball, billiards and more. Oh, and the firm also repurposed used flavoring sticks from vintage wine barrels from the surrounding wine country to clad the board room (above).

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