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Restored Colonial Compound Gets No Love from Buyers

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In what is probably a sign that modern, iPhone-toting, jet plane-riding, McMansion-buying Americans don't really want to live in the land of our colonial forebears, this immaculate pre-Revolutionary compound in Gilmanton, N.H. has as yet failed to sell, after more than two years on the market. The collection of buildings were moved to this 12.4-acre site and reassembled, a process that was completed in 2010 and includes a main house that dates to 1665, plus "carriage house, a magnificent barn, water tower, corn crib, and a late 1700's one room school house." This private village was listed for $1.85M when it first hit the market, but has just seen its price chopped down to $1.75M. The colonial charm is certainly present, but so too are the colonial inconveniences, particularly the oppressively low ceilings throughout.

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