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Garish London Party Mansion Wants $200K a Month in Rent

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A 16,500-square-foot brick mansion, "arguably Mayfair's most prestigious," is now listed for short-term lease for $200K a month. That outrageous rent is actually a serious deal compared to the previous asking price of $270K a month, set when this London pile first landed on the London market back in December. Budget-minded potential renters will be happy to know the seven-bedroom spread comes completely furnished and includes "spa, sauna, gymnasium, swimming pool, massage room, games room and bar," plus a home theater, a private courtyard with parking for four cars, and a car elevator that transports another three cars to an underground garage. Lest any foreign lessee forget why this party palace is so expensive, the listing reminds all: "This property is situated in one of the finest cities in the world, London."

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