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Watch This Dilapidated House Transform Into a Theater

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Artist Matthew Mazzotta teamed up with locals of York, Alabama to reconfigure this splintered house, one of the city's many abandoned homes, into a 100-person theater, essentially dismantling the red cladding and rebuilding it into a transformer-style, folding playspace. In 2011, York's Coleman Center for the Arts reached out to Mazzotta, who specializes in "the architecture of social space," to devise a plan for transforming the forsaken structure into a community center, and so, according to Gizmodo, Mazzotta built a new foundation out of railroad ties, "which hold down rows of stadium seating neatly organized in five slotted sections." It's something you've got to watch to really understand, so do look at the "after" shots and the transformation video, below.

OPEN HOUSE - Matthew Mazzotta 2013 from matthew mazzotta on Vimeo.

· Open House by Matthew Mazzotta [Vimeo via Gizmodo]