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Lisa Frank HQ is All Your Preteen Self Thought it Would Be

Urban Outfitters TV (because apparently that's a thing?) recently brought their cameras inside the magical land that is Lisa Frank corporate headquarters, nestled in the desert of Tucson, Ariz. What's more, they got to interview Lisa Frank (a real person!) about how her offices reflect the nature of her business: "What encompasses the world of Lisa Frank? That would first and foremost be rainbows and hearts, music notes, teddy bears, unicorns, stars, color, fantasy, jewels, glintz—everything that makes a kid happy." Some of the highlights? A giant, canary yellow golden retriever; an enormous, indigo-eyed polar bear (you know the one); a huge gumball machine; rainbow unicorns; bunnies in tutus; dancing bears in top hats; and—hold onto your purple, velveteen, floppy hats—a "fire-proof vault where we keep a copy of every product that we ever made."

· The World of Lisa Frank [Youtube via Swiss Miss]