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Yes, This White Box is Actually an Absurdly Minimalist Home

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Perhaps taking cues from the world's most aggressively minimalist dental office, Japanese firm Takuro Yamamoto Architects has built a structure that's so unadorned and so bright, that it seems the entire thing is built from factory-fresh whiteboards. Or unbranded Nordstroms boxes. Or super expensive photo paper. The firm calls it "a series of interconnected voids," a fair enough description, though one that may not quite apply when one considers the super verdant courtyard (read: one sad, strange potted tree) or the effusively furnished interiors (marked by a dining table and a concrete slab). One enters White Cave House through an angular mouth (a "cave-like tube," if you will) that opens into the outdoor space and in turn the house's interiors, a string of rooms planked in custom furnishings that are similarly glossy and sharp-edged. Have a look, below.

In regards to the wet-looking terrace floor, the architects write:

"In order to make Cave deserve its name more, we wondered if we could add the reflection of water to the house because we thought water is inseparable from white caves. We eventually figured out that the terrace was an appropriate site to place it. The terrace covered by white waterproof FRP holds a thin layer of water like a white basin. On the terrace reflecting the skyview without obstacles, you may feel that Cave has brought you to another world far from the daily life."

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