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Barbie's Forsaken NYC Pad Comes With Pepto Bismol Walls

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Get your financier on the line, there's an NYC apartment on the market for $750K, and if you're inclined to believe the brokerbabble, it's an "architect's dream"—because nothing says "magnificent Art Deco" quite like patched walls, mirrored fireplace mantles, tufted bathroom doors, and peridot-green (a gentle term) tubes. Boasting 885-square-feet of silvered, glossy parquet floors, this ode to Pepto Bismol, Curbed NY writes, was owned and occupied for more than 45 years by an original shareholder from when the building became a co-op in 1969. Yes, and considering the place's enthusiasm for shiny things and watered-down fuchsia, it's absolutely OK to pretend that the former owner was, indeed, 1972 Barbie. · 5 Riverside Drive, Apt. 8B, New York, N.Y. [Corcoran via Curbed NY]