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Auction For West End Forest Service Parcels Set For August 27th

An auction for the five lots the Forest Service has decided to sell at the White River National Forest headquarters in Aspen's West End is set for August 27th, and the Forest Service has spent upwards of $35,000 to market the properties in local papers as well as the Denver Post, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and the Dallas Morning News. The Aspen Daily News is reporting that the five lots will vary between 6,600 and 11,600 square feet, with single-family home sizes allowed in those lots varying from 3,200-3,600 square feet. Vacant lots in the West End have gone for upwards of $2 million, although the Forest Service has kept their appraisals figures locked up. The auction has so far generated interest from as far away as London.

The auction will go down at 10:00 at the Aspen Meadows Resort on the 27th, and will be live streamed online so that faraway bidders can watch the action online and bid virtually. A $50,000 deposit is required to participate. The proceeds will help to fund the White River Nat'l Forest headquarters' facilities needs as well as other capital projects in the national forest.

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