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Steve McQueen's 500-Acre 'Crazy M Ranch' Listed for $7.4M

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Location: Hailey, Idaho
Price: $7,400,000
The Skinny: The 500-acre Idaho ranch once owned by silver screen legend Steve McQueen has come up for sale, with a bevy of recent upgrades, for $7.4M. A rustic property in McQueen's day, the ranch now includes modern, luxurious accommodations, but, thankfully, no giant mansion. A two-bedroom log cabin built in 1990 was attached to a 1,700-square-foot entertaining "annex" in 2010, though there is a four-bay garage to keep vehicles out of the area's intense winter snows. McQueen was drawn to the area by his third wife, Ford model Barbara Minty, who had purchased a smaller spread in nearby Sun Valley in the mid-1970s. Barbi, as she is better known, retained ownership of the Pioneer Moon Ranch, known to her and her A-list husband as Crazy M Ranch, after McQueen's death in 1980 and sold to the current owners in 1999.

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