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Tour the 'Maximalist Fantasia' That is Jonathan Adler HQ

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Based on what we've seen of Jonathan Adler's personal decor approach (here and here), Adler HQ in NYC is exactly what one expects from the exuberant potter-turned-prolific-design-mogul: an Andy Warhol-inspired space filled with "sunshine orange" and the "chartreuse of new leaves." There are also puppies in bowties romping on geometric rugs—"Anyone who works in an office that doesn't have dogs—I feel like you should just fill your pockets with rocks and walk into the sea because there is no point in going on," he joked to Refinery29—plus Joni Mitchell and Top 40 hits rasping from the speakers and an in-house kiln. "Over the years, as I've gotten more resources at my disposal, I've been able to fully flesh out what had been my vision all along, which had been a layered, eclectic, exuberant mix of chic and classic objects that are whooshed together in a maximalist fantasia."

"I'm kinda like a design thrill-seeker in a way. Similar to how someone might get into S&M and a little spanking, and five years later, they're suddenly into some heavy scene. That's how I am with my company and design; I dipped my hands into pottery and now many years later, I want more, more, and more. My senses need to be even more tingled. If you use that, try and make it sound wholesome. For the record (and the truth), I'm not into S&M, if anyone's wondering."

"There's this Blind Melon video from the '90s where this little girl is dressed up in a bumblebee outfit and she's dancing around and everyone's making fun of her and she doesn't know what's going on. Then all of a sudden, she finally finds this field with all these other people in bumblebee costumes all dancing around and having so much fun and being so happy. I feel like my office is the Blind Melon video."

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