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This Architecture Student Built a House Inside a School Bus

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In his final semester as an architecture student at the University of Minnesota and "tired of doing projects that existed only on paper" Hank Butitta did what every burned out grad student does upon finishing up his or her degree and—uh—bought a school bus on Craigslist. His plan? Gut it, refurnish it, and turn it into a livable space (and baller senior thesis), complete with transformable furniture (at least one of the beds turns into a dining area), a hardwood floor (wood panels stripped from an old gymnasium), a kitchen (a sink and a few beach coolers), and a bathroom. With the help of his brother Vince and photographer Justin Evidon, Butitta built the house in 14 weeks, though the thesis didn't end there. In late July, Butitta left on a month-long, 5,000-mile road trip "to test the functionality of the bus," picking up and dropping off friends and family (as many as a dozen will be on board at once) along the way.

Next up, tricycle homes! Tiny ski lodges! "House truck gypsy wagons!"

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