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Architectural Embroidery That's Made Needlework Cool Again

Salt Lake City-based artist Stephanie Kelly Clark entered the realm as a painter, having studied painting and drawing at the University of Utah, and to her, the high-octane needlework she's taken up since graduating in 2011 is nothing but painting with thread, wherein "the embroidery floss is my palette and the needle is my paintbrush." On canvas, the residences she embroiders—farmhouses, 1950s Airstream-style abodes, rowhouses, mobile homes, tudors, and more—smear across the fabric with the richness of oils. On silk, "it's like a watercolor; its delicate, the thread goes where it wants to go, and it moves with the fabric." So why houses? According her artist's statement, Clark drew inspiration from the domesticity of the medium itself, so that "my process and material becomes involved in the concept of my work."

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