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Moscow's Ultimate Bachelor Compound Listed for $38M

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This downright unsightly compound on the outskirts of Moscow has been stocked with everything a young billionaire bachelor may desire. There's an indoor swimming pool; a kitchen with "food elevator"; a home cinema; a billiard room; a detached spa building with gym, massage room, and steam shower; a guard house; two stocked ponds; and a car wash. Designed in the height of rich dude style—with lots of dark wood, more flat-screen TVs than tables, and a tiger-skin rug—the 34,500-square-foot compound is currently offered for $38M. The sort of bachelors who are interested in this variety of conspicuous consumption shouldn't blink at that price tag, after all, the master bedroom's massive television cost more than $130K.

· One & Only [Sotheby's International Realty]