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The Gorgeous Interiors of Slim Aarons' Socialite Photos

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Starting in the 1950s and continuing into the 1980s, photographer Slim Aarons captured the lives of country's freshly powdered society-makers and jet-setters, making a career, he once said, out of "photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places." Take for instance the shot of the ever-glamourous Truman Capote (above), relaxing in his cluttered (as is the way with the abodes of literary lions, apparently) apartment in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y. Between the ceramic cats, patchwork quilts, formal wallpaper, and antique armchairs, the room has as much personality as Capote does—and, really, considering his knack for sprawling with debauched elegance (and his apparent taste for overlong cigarettes) that's no easy task. The shot is just one of the many hand-selected prints prolific designer Jonathan Adler, is now selling on his website. More gorgeous interiors captured by Aarons, below.

? "Lady Daphne Cameron (Mrs George Cameron) on a tiger skin rug in the trophy room at socialite Laddie Sanford's home in Palm Beach, Florida." (1959)

? "Renata Boeck enjoying breakfast in bed at the Regency Hotel in New York." (1964) When oh when will monocles make a comeback?

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