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Keystone Man To Develop River Run Homes After Land Swap

Keystone local Gary Miller will be able to develop 24 single-family homes along Keystone's River Run Gondola since swapping 21 acres there for the ghost town of Chihuahua, Colorado. Miller bought the remote town in the late 1990s from a developer planning a private campground there, and has been working on the land swap deal for the past 13 years. The town burned down several years ago and has been uninhabited ever since, although there are still development rights for up to 500 units. The Forest Service will now keep it undeveloped, as the area is a popular wilderness destination.

Miller will begin construction on the first of the homes, one of which has already sold, in the next two months. Construction will go at the rate of 3-4 homes a year, all of which will be free-market units.

· Keystone man swaps ghost town for property near River Run gondola, with plans for development [Summit Daily News]