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Aspen's Red River Estate Sells With Awesome Beetle Kill

In an estate market riddled with overstuffed furniture, overdoses of antlers, and too much and too big of everything, we appreciate the gajillionaires who keep things simple. Aspen's Red River Ranch, whose half-acre lot straddles the Roaring Fork River, does just that, keeping expensive clutter to a minimum and using the grey tone of the area's beetle kill pine to line the ceiling, lending the place that subdued, earthy, but clean feel anyone dropping $14,800,000 on a mountain retreat should be looking for. It's also got the "appropriate" amount of beds and baths for that price range - 6 and 8, respectively, along with an extensive south-facing outdoor patio the leads across a meadow down to the river.

· 1260 Red Butte Drive, Aspen, CO [Bowden Properties]