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Physician's Abandoned Home Makes Perfect Scary Movie Set

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One of the more peculiar things about looking inside decrepit buildings—be they villas, theaters, insane asylums, resorts, or otherwise—is the unanswered question of what sort of event caused their occupants to abandon a place so suddenly, often without closing the curtains or grabbing their coats. Such is the case with this old mansion discovered by photographer (and author of urbex book States of Decay) Daniel Marbaix. A former home of a physician, the place brags the usual estate fixings—a library, a bedroom, a wallpapered hallway—with the added bonus of a creeptastic exam room and slices of kidneys between glass. Why would anybody leave such valuable equipment and strange specimens left to the elements? Sounds like a plot of a Stephen King novel, while Marbaix's photos look like set inspiration for the inevitable movie adaptation.

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