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Buy Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie-Style Hunt House For $700K

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Looks like it's time, yet again, to update the ever-growing map of Frank Lloyd Wright designs currently listed for sale: PrairieMod notices that the Stephen M.B. Hunt House, just outside Chicago, is listed for $699,900.

Built in 1907, the Hunt House is a variant of a design Wright put forth in a Ladies Home Journal piece he wrote that same year, in which he advocated for compact, two-story, economical, fireproof houses and detailed their features with painstaking precision ("[t]he interior is trimmed with light wood strips nailed to small, porous terra-cotta blocks; "[n]o attic, no 'butler's pantry,' no back stairway have been planned"; "[t]he floor surfaces are finished smooth with wooden strip inlaid for fastening floor coverings"). A classic relic from the architect's Prairie period, the Hunt House is characterized by horizontal lines, a hipped roof with eaves, a generally square, squat shape, a stucco façade, and a snug, nonintrusive perch in the surrounding landscape.

Head to Curbed Chicago for a tour of the interiors. >>