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Delaware High Schoolers Build World's Tallest Lego Tower

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It always warms the cockles of the heart to see teenagers whose priorities are sorted exactly right. A team of students from John Dickson High School near Wilmington, Del., have spent their entire summer piecing together what is now the planet's tallest Lego structure, a 112-foot, 11-story behemoth built with more than 500,000 bricks. The Guinness Book of World Records made superlative official—the project eked out a win over the previous record-holder, a 106-foot tower in Prague, as well as the 105-foot tower made in South Korea and Sao Paulo's 102-footer—and so the team was honored with a ceremony and community-wide "towerfest." Of course the superintendent is trying to make this a lesson about teamwork and overcoming the impossible and blah blah blah, but let's be real: there needn't be a teaching moment to appreciate the magnificence of a Lego creation that requires an industrial cherry-picker.

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