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Three of Cape Cod's Wackiest Beachfront Houses on the Market

? While digging through listings for our map of Cape Cod's least expensive beachfront abodes, we came across a few wacky architectural and interior design styles. The sort of wacky that attracts the pricechopper and can leave a leave a listing lingering on the market, no matter how perfect the location. This 3BD Truro Contemporary overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by the Cape Cod National Seashore. Sadly, the absolutely stunning location doesn't quite make up for the hot mess of a house. Thus, the pricechopper has sliced the ask from $885,000 down to $685,000.

? After hitting the market in May with a $3,100,000 ask, this 4BR Dennis Contemporary on Cape Cod Bay took a July meeting with the pricechopper and is now looking for $2,995,000. According to the home architecture and decor trend cycle, there's a strong possibility that everything that screams 1977 in this house is due to become popular any day now. Every tile, light fixture and even the lattice ceiling in the sun room is bound for Pinterest and Houzz. Any day now, any day.
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