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Here Now, a Peek at Marissa Mayer's Backyard 'Soda Shop'

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Vogue's September issue runs a profile on Marissa Mayer, the Yahoo CEO whom the magazine describes—no doubt from the apparent inability to qualify things with the words "of the moment"—as "the CEO of the moment." Mayer, never one to shy away from divulging what her homes look like—two years ago she released to Google+ 87 photos of 400 Dale Chihuly pieces being installed in her penthouse atop the Four Seasons San Francisco Residences—here, too, she imparts some truly phenomenal interior design details about her place in Palo Alto, Calif.:

"Her taste runs to the brightly colored and lighthearted—'happy art,' she calls it—like the plate-mounted Jeff Koons balloon dogs in her airy kitchen and the Roy Lichtenstein print in the front hall of her cheerful, comfortable, but not especially grand Craftsman-style house. In the dining room, an entire wall is covered with purple-and-gold marquees that Mayer and Bogue had made for the tabletops at their wedding, printed with words representing their favorite things. These include on her side PEPPERMINT, COLORS, PARIS, and ETRO." But the most notable detail about Mayer's home is not anything on the interior; quite clearly, rather, it's the enormous "two-story, miniaturized model of Palo Alto's Peninsula Creamery, a local diner where Stanford students go for milk shakes" dropped in the yard by forklift. Mayer and her husband bought the playhouse at a benefit auction for $33K for their son, Macallister, who turns 1 next month. But hey, she likes it a lot. And over-the-top playhouses are officially a thing these days, so it's no real surprise that Mayer catapulted the purchase of one into tech-titan territory.

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