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British Fan Buys Liberace's Former Vegas Manse for $500K

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In June, Liberace's former Las Vegas mansion, a run-down dedication to the entertainer's flamboyance, listed for just $523K—a small sum for some 15,000 square feet and 10 bathrooms. The catch? Liberace's beloved fabulousness translated into interiors that were over-the-top even in 1974, when he bought the place. Listing photos show off mirrored walls, low ceilings, red carpeting, lots of disco ball mosaic, sad frescoes, and many an unnecessary chandelier. But on the flip side, the place still boasts the staircase the entertainer spent $75K to transport from France. Anyway, Liberace lived here until his death 1987, after which the house went to his namesake foundation. From there it went hand to hand, at one point (2006, naturally) fetching as much as $3.7M. In 2010, it was forfeited to the bank, which sold it last week to Martyn Ravenhill, a British vacation property salesman and Liberace fan based in Surrey, England. "It felt like destiny when I bought it. It was almost surreal," he told Get Surrey. He said he wants "restore to this place to its former glory"—which may look a bit like this—working with the Liberace Foundation to make the place available to the public. "I want to do what Liberace would have wanted with the house. He wouldn't want it left to gather dust and fall apart. He would want it looking fantastic."

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