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Inside the Quirky Interiors of Fawn Galli

An alum of Domino's 10 young designers to watch list, Fawn Galli has been creating her signature fairy tale inspired interiors since 2007. Galli, who studied decor and furniture in Paris after college, trained under classical architect Robert A.M. Stern and later a stint at luxury fashion retailer go-to architect Peter Marino. Since founding her full-service, high-end, design firm, Galli has worked her magic on projects in New York, Connecticut and the Hamptons. Her clients—mostly a mix of downtown New York creatives and financial Hollywood types—come to her for her signature color-drenched, whimsical interiors and her uncanny ability to hone in on exactly what clients want.

"I like a sensibility of fantasy. Growing up I loved C.S. Lewis and magical surprising elements with colors and animals. I create homes with a quirkiness and a soulfulness that are truly reflective of the client's personality," says Galli.

This element of surprise is something Galli does best: a walk in closet with a fantastical wallpaper, a scalloped edge on an otherwise plain lampshade, a painting transformed from two dimensional to three. "A client hung a painting that had an acorn in it and I took some ceramic acorns and placed them on the commode underneath. It looked as if they fell from the painting. I like turning expectation on its toes."

In the ongoing series Dyson Design House, we've made it our mission to find the most beautiful and innovative rooms across the country. In this installation, writer and decorator Alexa Stevenson goes into the field to document the ethereal interiors of Fawn Galli.
"This project refers back to a dream fantasy," says Galli. "It's comfortable, dreamy and dressy at the same time. Stepping into it is almost like being in a painting."
· [Fawn Galli Interiors]

For a room with such a strong dose of scale and drama, it's Galli's deft hand that keeps it from going over the top. Pink piped pillows on a neutral sofa quiet an otherwise attention-stealing color-blocked, stained glass style rug and cheetah chairs. For Galli, fairy tale inspiration comes injected with sophistication and polish. Case in point, a well-placed side table with branches that manages to be both whimsical and elegant at the same time.

A dreamscape-like living room that feels like a modern day enchanted forest in a pre-War Greenwich Village apartment is unmistakably Galli. Lacquered furniture blends effortlessly with a careful balance of color—pops of pink and turquoise—and a transitional mix of contemporary and Old World forms. Bleached floors evoke a feeling of ice, while a hint of green lacquer adds depth to the walls.