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Lovely Gregory Ain Gem Seeks Preservation-Minded Buyers

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Built in 1953 by architect Gregory Ain for his psychiatrist, the Feldman House in Los Angeles was one of the last completed by the legendary SoCal modernist. Now that it has been offered for sale for $4M, even the listing agent is concerned that a tear-down is likely, given current attitudes toward smaller mid-century homes on large lots in the city's ritzier neighborhoods. The agent, Joyce Rey, told the Daily Beast's Andrew Romano, "I want to find someone who will restore it, and I know the family does, too. But here's the thing: all the buyers who want to restore it can't afford it right now, and the buyers who can afford it are the ones who want to replace it with something else. It's heartbreaking."? The practically untouched two-bedroom, 2,600-square-foot home boasts original landscaping by Garrett Eckbo on nearly an acre.

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