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Pablo Picasso's Final Home and Studio Listed for $220M

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Mas de Notre-Dame du Vie, the home and studio where legendary artist Pablo Picasso spent the last 12 years of his life, has returned to market after a thorough renovation by a Belgian art dealer, who restored and expanded the historic structure. The dealer, who paid somewhere between $13M and $16M, but is now asking an astonishing $220M for the 35-room villa. That sky-high price includes ten bedrooms, eight bathrooms, a pair of swimming pools, a tennis court, expansive gardens, a guest house, and a guard house, but not nearly enough to justify the absurd markup. Unless, of course, a few of Picasso's multimillion-dollar masterpieces are also included. For a little perspective, that price is $20M more than any American property was trying for last year.

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