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Price Slashed on Spam Heir's 52,000-Square-Foot Mansion

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Originally built in the 1960s by Penzoil heir Walker McCune, this gargantuan mansion outside of Phoenix, Ariz. has since passed through the hands of a real estate baron—Gordon Hall, who planted a 40-foot sign bearing his name on the roof and who planned to be a "trillionaire by 2012"—before landing in the property portfolio of Hormel Foods heir Geordie Hormel. The house that Spam bought is a doozy, measuring 52,000-square-feet and featuring extravagant extras like an ice-skating rink, 150-seat theater, Olympic-size swimming pool, a tennis court, and a 14-car garage, to go along with 14 bedrooms and a staggering 23 bathrooms. First listed for $25M after Hormel's 2006 death, the 6.9-acre estate has seen its price steadily decline ever since, trying for $20M, then $15M, and now lowered to a bargain basement $10M. Given the architectural oddities and the hideously dated interiors, this place would require millions more to rescue from the wrecking ball.

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