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Here Now, Impossibly Small Architecture in Glass Cloches

New York-based artist Thomas Doyle has made a career of crafting minuscule models of houses (like the quaint and staggeringly detailed number, above) and uprooting (sometimes literally) a handful of them via apocalyptic chaos. Sometimes, wrap around porches of butter yellow farmhouses fall into sinkholes and blue country homes get caught by tornados. Despite the glass cloches that surround much of his architecture, houses get leveled and surrounding neighborhoods crumble into nothing—and, weirdly enough, he's not the first miniaturist to do create works of utter destruction. Many of his works—which, one could probably say are depictions of the fragility of the American dream—are on display next month at the Ronchini Gallery in London, as part of the space's Dream No Small Dreams series, beautiful shots from which are below.

Click to enlarge.

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