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This Artist's 'Hypervivid' Home Looks Just Like Her Paintings

Discovered today by way of Design Milk are the cartoon-chic interiors of Australian painter Kirra Jamison, a spread that's as chromatic and minimal as the works she creates. In her studio, which shelter pub Inside Out once called "hypervivid" and "clean, clear and direct," pale pink dining chairs crowd around a Saarinen table, spotted and striped bed linens crumple beneath a bushel of purple flowers, and a turquoise swing hangs from super high ceilings. Huge canvases (painted with with images of thread-thin dreamcatchers, wrinkled hands, and more) break up the white, regimented brick walls—which, in a way, seems to reflect her own philosophies as an artist; in Jamison's description of her Locomotor series of silkscreen prints, images from which are below, she writes: "While the eye loves pattern, it loves the breaks in pattern more."

And, as a reference point, here are a few of Jamison's paintings, plucked from her Locomotor series:

· Kirra Jameson's HomeDesign Milk]