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Here's a Freaky, Run-Down Victorian, Done up as a Dollhouse

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Inspired by the glut of beautiful, derelict architecture scattered about Detroit, Jen Spectacular, an artist whose luxuriant dollhouses have made herself modestly famous—hey, she was just spotlighted on Cool Hunting, which is kind of the unofficial rite of passage for a quirky artist who's made it in the industry—has finished her Scary Detroit Victorian. What started as a run-of-the-mill dollhouse kit, essentially a wooden box with rectangular window slots and an unadorned mansard roof, has emerged a blackened brick structure, with crackled (it's supposed to look old and dusty, after all) Victorian window frames and moss oozing from the cracks. The interior details are even more staggering: coffered ceilings, chipped porcelain tubs, moldy wallpaper, and rusted radiators. Do have a look, below.

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