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The Ridiculous Amenities Of Snowmass's $65M Four Peaks Ranch

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Okay, okay, we get it. There are homeowners whose bank accounts and imaginations for home design far exceed their ability to take advantage of all the outrageous amenities they fill their personal palaces with. Most of the rich executives who will be looking at Four Peak Ranch in Old Snowmass, on the market for $65 million, are the kind of time-poor individuals who don't have the time to swim in the indoor/outdoor pool with planetarium roof and in their private pond off their private beach, or enjoy the summer evening at all six of their outdoor fireplaces/fire pits, or utilize both of their full outdoor kitchens and make their own homemade pizzas in their outdoor pizza oven. Do people like this even cook? The answer is no. Sushi is flown in from the nearest Matsuhisa, and breakfast is always bagels flown in daily from Manhattan in an jet with vertical take-off and landing capabilities the military isn't even in possession of.

Nonetheless, there must be some egregiously bespoke individual whose ravenous tastes for excess of every kind (and skiing) could only be satisfied by the list of amenities Four Peaks Ranch offers:

· 876 acres with 15 miles of trails for horseback riding or ATV shredding.
· Private beach with waterfall cascading through three separate swimming ponds.
· 18,000 square foot home with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.
· 2 outdoor fireplaces, 4 fire pits, 2 full outdoor kitchens, and a brick pizza oven.
· Furnished teepee with gas heat.
· Movie theater room with small stage for karaoke/jam banding.
· Indoor/outdoor pool with planetarium-style roof over the indoor section depicting star-filled night sky.
· Unfettered views of Mt. Sopris, Mt. Daly, Capital Peak and Snowmass

And good news for you, reader who inherited family's railroad fortunes, Four Peaks is now $10 million more affordable than it was when it first listed back in January at $75 million. Don't you just love a great deal?

· 1000-1220 Watson Divide Road, Snowmass, CO [Joshua & Co.]