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This White Toy Chest/House Boasts Red Slide, Action Figures

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The latest to come from South Korean residential architecture firm and playhouse purveyor Moon Hoon—the very same that created Barbie and Ferrari-themed vacation houses, as well as a zig-zaggy single-family with a library/slide—is this squat, sculptural box plunked by the lake in Daejeon, South Korea. Tasked with creating a "skip-floored house like a lollipop," Moon Hoon worked with the client, a TV producer and avid collector of mini robots and action figures, to build a contemporary home with a heavy shake of funhouse appeal—which happens to be the architect's specialty. The floors break up around the house's central core, essentially a wide spiral staircase encircling an exhibition area. Up in the attic, a little red slide—seemingly ubiquitous in new builds—juts from lacquered yellow walls. Have a look, below.

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