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And Now, a Tiny Replica of the Beloved Golden Girls Pad

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Out of the way intricate Ghostbusters HQ, 20,000-Lego Batcave, and staggering paper Friends apartment, there's a new fastidious pop culture miniature in town, and this one (at least until recently) was actually purchasable. The latest to get the treatment? The Miami home of Rose, Dorothy, Blanche, and Sophia, a.k.a. the Golden Girls. The artist, Alan of EverydayMiniatures, writes that inspiration to build the 1:72 scale model came "after watching several thousand hours of the show," so it's no surprise that his $175 model—every version of which is sold out, sadly—is incredibly detailed. He even writes that "there are plenty of Easter Eggs for the die-hard fans to find," like Rose's (Betty White's) "R" Cups, teddy bear Fernando, and St. Olaf painting, plus Sophia's bamboo purse and Blanche's Citrus Festival Ball plate (glued back together). Take a look, below.

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