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Home Depot Founder's Custom Home Languishes on Market

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Custom built for Home Depot founder Bernie Marcus in 1987, this 10,300-square-foot Atlanta mansion hasn't had much luck selling over the past two years. It first arrived on the market in 2011 with a $3.9M asking price, faux Pop Art featuring the owner, and acres of pink marble in a bathroom that was crying out for a Home Depot weekend renovation. Nearly two years later, not much has changed save for the price, which was chopped to $3.2M in 2012. None of the estate's many selling points—including butler's pantry, home theater, wine cellar, and indoor swimming pool—have swayed buyers, so the billionaire owner may want to consider another price chop. That shouldn't be such a big concern considering Marcus could afford to buy more than 450 houses of these houses with his $1.5B fortune.

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