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Here's a Half-Buried Snow Villa Unlike Any Lodge on Earth

Spotted today over at Houzz, which corralled a whole host of terrain-embedded residences, is this ice mansion by Amsterdam-based studio Denieuwegeneratie, essentially a luxurious log cabin devoid of any of the typical rustic flair. There's no antler chandelier or flannel or roaring fire place. There's not a single exposed log or mounted deer or animal skin rug. Instead, by the kitchen, there's a silver car mounted vertically and used as shelving. There's also wheel-less skateboards used as steps and chrome beams as handrails. The studio brought in concrete and candelabras and large windows—indeed the only elements that could be considered cozy are perhaps the teapot chandelier (awesome) and the gigantic industrial furnace. Do have a look, below.

· Dutch Mountain by Denieuwegeneratie [Dezeen via Houzz]