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This Tiny NYC Abode is Literally a Dumpster With a Stove

Being that "home" is a wonderfully nebulous term, one that encompasses McMansions and huts as well as places under railways, behind billboards, and atop tricycles, perhaps it's not so outlandish that a designer/artist like Gregory Kloehn has carved a fully-functioning casita out of, uh, a Dumpster. In six months, Kloehn, whose story was featured over at Curbed NY and on an episode of HGTV's You Live in What?, outfitted his Brooklyn digs with a toilet, stove, and sink. There's even a shower that, as Curbed NY points out, is perfect only if "an al fresco streetside experience of dubious hygienic value" is exactly what you're going for.

Kloehn, a West Coaster, doesn't live in his Dumpster abode all or even most of the year, and it's unclear just how legal this whole situation is—perhaps he has some friends in a townhouse that let's him set up shop in their backyard?—but one can't help but be a little jealous. Spending a few free nights in a kitted-out garbage bin is still probably leaps and bounds more enjoyable than some of the crazy shenanigans Craigslist or AirBnB has on offer—unless, of course, you like staying in a toilet-less wooden box or working as an assistant for a couple that offers in-house "freaky fun sensual adventures." Anyway, do have a look at the HGTV clip, over at Curbed NY.

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