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Inside the Stunning Forgotten Mansion of a Japanese Politico

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Presenting the 1928 manse of the enigmatic Mr. H, once a big-time political activist in Japan and a writer whose works were instrumental in the creation of Japan's first constitution in 1889. It was in these great halls, now flaked and cracked by the decades, that he—or perhaps a relative or associated organization; it's unclear, as Mr. H died in 1930—may have entertained some of the era's most high-profile politicos, or so writes Tokyo Times, which took a tour of the place (and shot these gorgeous-beyond-words photos) earlier this year. Inside the manse, which the paper calls "strangely welcoming:" a coterie of antique armchairs, a few writing desks, portraits, sake cups, false teeth, and more. A handful of photos, below.

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