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Here Now, Fabulous Vintage Dorm Photos from 1904 On

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Inspired by Apartment Therapy's recent post featuring ultra-groovy photos of American dorm rooms of the '60s and '70s (a post that, in itself, was inspired by pseudo-vintage retailer Modcloth's roundup) it seemed only a natural progression to go dig up a whole slew of super fascinating old dorm photos—and Flickr, blessed Flickr, did not disappoint. There's something about dormitories, most likely the way they're cobbled together by meandering young adults, that make them perfect snapshots into the burgeoning and ebbing trends of the year. For example, in 1986, when the above shot was taken over at University of Wisconsin–Madison, college students enjoyed not only shag carpeting and fancy record players, but also electric typewriters, (faux?) flagstone fireplaces, and psychedelic Asia (the band, duh) posters. What hasn't changed at all? The several jars of peanut butter and bottles of booze, of course. More dorm shots, including one from 1904 and several from the love era, below.

Click to enlarge:

? A 1904 dorm over at Pomona College in Claremont, Calif. Student Morris Cadwalader hung her turn-of-the-century portraits with netting.

? University of Wisconsin-Madison students in 1909. Note the pipe, the

? A 1970s dorm at University of South Florida, complete with a Beatles poster, fringed lamp, and—why hullo there Robert Redford.

? More 1970s goodness, this time from University of Wisconsin-Madison. The swing. The craftsy diamond chandelier. The various shades of brown. The beanbag.

? A residence in 1983 at University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a tiny TV with hilariously huge antennae.

? This UW-Madison dorm in the 1960s looks pretty much right out of Mad Men.

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