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See A Jackson Hole Artist With Actually Decent Work This Sat

Usually the terms "art" and "ski towns" are only associated in the context of tiny galleries in the town center that hawk some vein of imported contemporary art to the visiting rich; home-grown talent is by far the exception, unless you count the endless "soulful" landscapes of mountains and waves that pass for art in the outdoor community. That's why it's exciting to see some of the work that will show in Jackson gallery Intencions this Saturday for the solo exhibition of Remy Milosky, a 24-year old Jackson native who got his career started doing oil paintings at Jackson Hole High School. The work due to show in his "Art Is Life" opening demonstrates a mature style with a variety of styles, colorscapes, and subjects that caught the eye of Curbed Ski's in-house amateur art historians. While we're not sure about Remy's website's claim that he's the "next emerging artist to rule the Contemporary Art world," there's plenty of reason to catch his solo show at Intencions this weekend, which goes from 6-10 pm on Saturday, before Remy moves to LA to do his best to make it in the real art world.

· "Art is Life" opening [Planet Jackson Hole]