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Fly Through Zaha Hadid's Crazy Factory 'Conversion' Plans

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Swoop enthusiast and color eschewer Zaha Hadid, the starchitect responsible for a whole host of undulating structures, like a watery NYC condo, a ship-like Saudi transportation hub, and an iceberg tower in Hong Kong, has unveiled a more detailed look at her firm's plans for "converting"—not really sure how that term fits, considering it is not likely to resemble, in any way, shape, or form, the building that used to be there—an old textile factory in Belgrade, Serbia. The plans, color- and corner-less, swirl in a mass of apartments, offices, and "leisure facilities," including a five-star hotel, galleries and shopping. The complex, which sits on over 1M square feet of land, is all a part of a €200M (about $267M) "Beko Masterplan" regeneration project, and construction will begin next year. About the look of it all, Hadid has said: "The masterplan follows the region's strong Modernist traditions ... defining a composition of buildings with the elegance of coherence that addresses the complexity of twenty-first century living patterns." But don't take her word for it, have a look for yourself, below.

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