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Huge Snowstorms Slams Argentina's Ski Resorts

While our covered ski towns may be high and dry and the daily activities there revolve around hiking, mountain biking, golf, and kayaking, that doesn't mean winter is in full swing elsewhere. Ski mountains in Argentina just went through a major multi-day storm cycle. In Bariloche, where adventure travel outfit SGT Argentina runs there backcountry ski and snowboard camps from, Catedral Alta Patagonia (that's the ski hill) has picked up 51 inches of the white stuff. Ever remember skiing a storm that deep? Neither do we.

Meanwhile farther North in the Andes, Unofficial Networks is reporting that Las Leñas has picked up 3 feet at the base ad 7-10 feet at the summit out of the same storm. Suffering from some serious desk envy? The season stays good in most of Argentina until early September, which means plenty of time is left to scratch that powder itch before this next Northern Hemisphere season starts up.