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Thom Browne's NYC Pad is 'So Spare You Could Hose it Down'

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AD's profile on Thom Browne's Manhattan apartment opens with the fashion designer saying "Nothing is worse than a home that is too perfect and done," which is only a funny thing to say when your apartment, well, looks like this. Browne's place, "on a tree-lined block in Greenwich Village," is as clear and quiet as a still from a movie set. Indeed, a friend of the designers once said his apartment "is so spare, you could hose it down." Browne's response: "I like it as clean and uncluttered as possible." And, well, considering each surface has a deliberate set of objects, oft perfectly centered and stacked, it seems he's been incredibly successful. His living room (above) is fastidiously cultivated with collections of vintage clocks and Champagne coupes, and dotted with a couple handfuls of Mad Men-style glass ashtrays. And that's just one room.

↑ Here's another part of the living room, with a 1920s Christofle bar cart and a '60s lacquer screen.

↑ More sparseness and military precision in the bedroom, where Browne apparently sleeps in a single bed from the 1960s, dressed in a flannel blanket and flanked by 1950s nightstands by Gio Ponti.

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