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Come See Funny-Shaped Houses Squeezed Between Buildings

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Architects Mateusz Mastalski and Ole Robin Storjohann want to be the next people to sneak urban housing into crazy places, and since behind billboards, under railways, and in Dumpsters are all now old hat, they propose dwellings perched in the few feet of space left betwixt city structures. The pair presented their Live Between Buildings! proposal for a competition put on by Poland-based window/skylight company Fakro, which entreated architects to build an unconventional loft concept "where light and space play a major role." Because the structure itself would be built entirely out of roof windows—not sure, exactly, how stable that is, but we'll go with it—there would be "endless" possibilities for shape typologies, from eggs to crosses to amoeba-like forms.

· 'Live Between Buildings!': New Vision of Loft 2 Competition Entry / Mateusz Mastalski + Ole Robin Storjohann [Arch Daily]