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How To Accessorize Your Park City Mansion

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Nowadays, it takes serious insider knowledge to know how to outfit a $13,500,00 18,000 square foot ski-in, ski-out Park City mansion. But fret not, oil sultan, Curbed Ski is here to help! Eighteen thousand square feet is, by god!, a lot of interior space to deal with when talking with your architect. Of course, you throw in your standard mansion things - entryway the size of a normal middle-class home, garage with caretaker apartment the size of a lower-upper-class mansion, a media room, an excess of bedrooms and bathrooms, home gym with treadmills you won't use, and a media room with uber-sized high def TV. Then you got your standard ski mansion amenities: private ski-in/ski-out entrance to The Canyons, cavernous boot drying & ski storage room, a kids room stocked with cute bunkbeds, and a fire pit or two. But the real secret to having your manse become the talk of Park City is to leverage the town's history history to hell and back and hire architect Jack Thomas to build as many oversized mining trusses into the construction as possible. We're talking in entryways, over the kitchen, the living room, over the walkway to your secret telescope platform, on the deck, and even in the master bathroom. Yes, the master bath! No room fit for a king's toilet and their steam shower and bathtub is complete without a hulking piece of thick logs and steel bolts and cables. More trusses! More!!

· 72 White Pine Canyon, Park City, UT [Summit Sotheby's]