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How Nest Mag's Founder Does the 'Giddiness of Palm Beach'

This week's New York mag checks out Joe Holtzman's two-bedroom apartment in Palm Beach, Fla., only to find that the painter, who founded Nest magazine—RIP, Nest magazine—lives among "a phantasmagorical collage of Spanish Revival furnishings by South Florida icon Addison Mizner and a grab bag of treasures culled from shops along the Dixie Highway—contents of old Palm Beach mansions that he picked up for a song." Including: 19th-century fish plates, $5 lampshades, dizzying Alexander Calder wallpaper (bathroom, above), and "an enlargement of a crumpled-up pornographic photo" affixed to the bedroom ceiling. "The apartment is so grandma," he concludes, "but that's what I like." Sure, why not. More visual examples of Holtzman's take on the "giddiness of Palm Beach style," right this way.

· Grand Floridian [New York]