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Sneaking a Peek at Groupon's Colorful New Chicago HQ

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Check out Groupon's new headquarters funhouse in Chicago, designed by the local firm BOX Studios and featured today on Arch Paper. Punctuating the open work area are a series of themed rooms—"all functional meeting spaces" and "not just fluff for design," says BOX's Dan Kraiss—such as a Tiki Room with wood and bamboo, an Enchanted Forest with fake rocks, and a Fun Zone with swing seats and polka-dot marker boards. Even though the "faux rocks are movable seats," these choices seem to indicate that the designers actually have their heads screwed on straight, what with walls of blue hair and orange groves infiltrating tech companies these days.

In all the office measures 146,000 square feet, which means employees will have to trek mightily to either the HR or legal department to find, say, file cabinets: "It's amazing in an open office not to have to dedicate any of the floor space to traditional paper functions," Kraiss tells Arch Paper. They did, however, dedicate some of the floor space to a giant cat in a spaceship—a hat tip to the online coupon company's mascot.

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