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Was Fat Ronnie's Burger Bar Harassed By Health Inspectors?

OAK BLUFFS - It's he said-they said that's got nothing to do with the season finale of The Vineyard. "Long-simmering tension...came to a boil" at last week's Board of Health meeting with accusations flying in all directions: "Oak Bluffs health agent Shirley Fauteux and food inspector Ron Tolin said they were only doing their jobs to protect residents and visitors. Reynaldo Faust, owner of Fat Ronnie's Burger Bar on Circuit Avenue, said the pair engaged in a pattern of harassment over the summer, marked by overzealous enforcement of the rules." [Martha's Vineyard Times]

NANTUCKET - In booze news from the Grey Lady: "Former New England Patriots offensive tackle and three­time Super Bowl champion Matt Light was on-island this week, along with Tom and Bill: Not Brady and Belichick, but Light's new business partners Tom McGowan and Bill Dessel. The trio was promoting their new product, a low-calorie nautical- themed vodka called Keel to local businesses and restaurants." [Inquirer and Mirror]

EASTHAM - Is there "authentic" Mexican cuisine on the Cape? Laurie Higgins reviews Oaxaca Mexican Grill, home of the the OMG margarita (sounds authentic, right?). The lowdown: "Oaxaca has been open since May and one senses they are still working out the kinks" but at least "tequila aficionados will be happy..." [Cape Cod Times]