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Take A Bike Share Bike On Aspen Singletrack, Win Praise!

Okay, this is a little bit of a shot in the dark, but well worth it. The above video from Animal NYC shows BMX talent Tyrone Williams ripping around New York on one of the Citi Bikes that make up the city's growing bikeshare program. These bikes, like the ones in Aspen, have been known to be heavy, slow, and boring, but nonetheless, Williams is able to perform wheelies, grinds, and shred skateparks on the blue clunkers. Which got us thinking - couldn't someone in Aspen take one of the city's new We-Cycle bikes and rip up some local singletrack? To that extent, we promise to host the first video right here on Curbed Ski that someone sends us of them ripping around the Hunter Creek trails, Government Trail, or any of the other singletrack in and around town. Triple bonus points if it's on Snowmass' signature downhill trail - Valhalla. Think you're up for the challenge this weekend? Send us a clip at Happy peddling!